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Artist Statement:

My work is based on my love for nature in all its forms and the effect our biological heritage has upon our search for meaning in life. The combination of natural elements and geometric forms suggests the fragile balance of nature and reason. Influences include the aboriginal symbolism, impressionism, cubism, and ancient and modern mythologies that instruct and illuminate the human condition. I take special interest in the philosophy of Kandinsky regarding the spirituality as well as the psychological implications of color.

I work using oils on canvas as well as artists pencils and pigments on textured cotton rag papers. These materials allow for a broad range of applications which include blending, transparent color layering and drawing techniques which produce the deep colors and textures found in the work. Variations of texture and pigment application are used to create depth and unity within each piece. Underpainting or paper pigment is selected according to each works subject matter, palette and style.

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